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Jean Mailander

I am an artist living in Southern Oregon who has been fascinated with art since childhood. I remember the little pots of paint from a paint-by-numbers set; their consistency and unusual particular smell. Another memory is looking at a drawing of an arm drawn by Degas and wanting to know how he could make it look so rounded and real looking. 

Painting and drawing what is in front of me is what I like; a still life, landscape, or figure. It is a meditative process of being immersed in the moment. 

I studied at the University of Iowa and went to Brooklyn College in NY for a year where I got to study with Lennart Anderson. More recently, I have studied with Sarah F. Burns, Jenay Elder, and Kathleen Dunphy, fabulous artists all. 

My husband and I like to cross-country ski and hike, and I love walking dogs at the animal shelter.